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Buying A Home With Patrick Brooks

Whether you’re a Bay Area first-time homebuyer, a veteran homebuyer, or somewhere in-between, buying a home can be one of the biggest purchase decisions one will make in their lifetime. The process can seem cumbersome and stressful.

Hiring the right realtor to GUIDE you through the process, ADVISE you on market conditions, set EXPECTATIONS and ANSWER your questions will ensure a smooth process and more enjoyable experience.

Whether you are casually browsing the market or are completely ready to dive-in, contacting a proven Bay Area real estate expert like Patrick is the first step in the right direction.

To help you start the buying process, here is Patrick’s Simple 6-Step Method to BUYING your dream home in the Bay Area.

  1. Begin the process by getting pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan. If you’re paying “all cash” make sure the funds are liquid. Talk with your accountant for tax advice. Finding out how much you can afford is key. It gives you a guideline to begin your exciting search for that new home. Nothing is more disappointing than falling in love with a home that is only out of your price range, or finding out you can’t get your funds fast enough to be competitive.
  2. Understand what your needs are by asking yourself a few basic questions. Sometimes it’s best to write your responses down.

    1. Why am I moving?
    2. When do I need to move by?
    3. What am I willing to spend?
    4. What are my top Bay Area neighborhoods?
    5. What are my absolute, “must-haves”?
    6. fHow long will I live in the home?
    7. By asking yourself these questions, you will become more cleare on what your needs are for the home that feels right for you.
  3. You are in control, so simply reach out. Patrick’s experience and know-how in the Bay Area Real Estate market can help you answer any of the questions or concerns that you may have. Call or Email Patrick directly and share with him your needs, you’d be surprised on how fast he’ll get back with you.
  4. Invision yourself in that new home. As a team, you and Patrick will start viewing property that meets your needs. Patrick and his team will connect with other Top Bay Area Realtors through his professional database, to find “off-market” opportunities. This exclusive access to off market properties alone gives you more options.
  5. Negotiating the best possible price is important, wouldn’t you agree? When you have found the perfect home, Patrick will guide you step by step to writing and negotiating a strategic offer that puts YOU in the winning position.
  6. Giving it to the best Bay Area real estate team. Once your offer is accepted, Patrick and his team will do all of the legwork toward a smooth and successful close: scheduling inspections, setting up escrow, negotiating, etc. Before you know it, you are on your way to being the new and proud owners of a wonderful home in the Bay Area!

Final Tidbit: Buy your Bay Area home when you’re ready – when it’s the “right time” for you and your needs. Having a Bay Area real estate expert assist you along the way is key. You’ll know when you’ve found “the right” home. Patrick will help you make it yours!

My Mission.

Hours are spent looking through house listings, talking with colleagues, clients and friends about upcoming properties and physically patrolling neighborhoods. There is no one better suited to find the right house for you to call home.

In my experience it’s been most beneficial for my buyer clients to sit down with me for 30 to 45 minutes to go over their goals, needs and expectations. This meetings helps me to best serve my clients and make the most efficient of our time together throughout the home buying process. Click Below to schedule your BUYERS CONSULTATION TODAY!!


“Patrick Will Work Tirelessly for You.”

Buying a house can be a very stressful process. My wife and I worked with Patrick Brooks as our realtor on buying our first house together. Patrick did a great job on helping us locate the perfect house. He went above and beyond to get us through this process and was always polite and professional. He found properties for us to look at and always managed to meet us at these locations even though (do to my job) it required sometimes late visits, he never once complained and always made it work out. I would highly recommend going through Patrick as he will work tirelessly for you.

Cameron T.

“Coherent Plan to Help Me Find my New Home.”

“I’ll go to bat for you” is a very accurate expression of how Patrick guided me in my purchase. His care and attention made me feel at ease in my real estate shopping experience. More than just simply listening to me speak, he made the effort to fully understand my intent in my search for a house. Even when I felt I was unable to fully articulate my feelings, he demonstrated a special talent in being able to analyze and digest my thoughts into a coherent plan to help me find my new home. Thank you Patrick!

– Captain M. of U.S Army

Happy Homeowners.

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